Admission Requirements

Eligible for application to the Master’s Degree Programs are all holders of undergraduate degrees (1st cycle).

Financial Information

A student applying for a Double Degree in International Studies and Governance, Leadership and Democracy must pay the application fee, tuition and two years of tuition at the UCP. You should also pay the annual enrollment fee for the second year.

Values ​​for the academic year 2018/19:

Application Fee - 1st stage - € 110 / 2nd stage - € 160
Registration - € 400
Monthly Tip - € 417
Annual Enrollment Fee - € 275

Students beginning at Pázmány Péter University must pay the tuiton fees to this University, corresponding to the total duration of the programme (2 years).

For more information about the Double Degree, please contact:


Secretariat M.A. in GLDs

Susana Pedro B.A.