LIAM - Maria Scientia

The Project
A Research Line that favours multidisciplinary and integrative approaches, promoting the dialogue between four scientific areas: Law; Economics; Geopolitics and Forecasting and Public Policy.

A pioneering project of sea studies and its possibilities through the "lens" of social and human sciences.

Research areas
The research line works in two research areas on which future and ongoing research projects will be integrated:

  • Oceans Geopolitics and Forecasting (Coordinator: Sónia Ribeiro)
  • Security and Defence in the Ocean (Coordinator: Francisco Proença Garcia)

Distinctive features
The line favours the constitution of a knowledge network with other institutions, of different nature and objectives, instead of establishing physical and formal closed structures.

More than developing isolated projects, the line prefers to establish agreements of interinstitutional cooperation, which allow for enriching future research projects, as well as for knowledge transfering, creating a knowledge platform where researchers may find a space for reflection, debate, further development and complementarity, bridging the gap between the different scientific areas related to sea studies.


To promote research on sea studies, at the MA, PhD or post-doc level, either individually or jointly, which promote the development of knowledge on sea studies;

To encourage the dissemination of knowledge produced in difference scientific and academic communities, both national and international;

To promote the practical application of knowledge, through the connection to the sector, in Portugal and in Europe, namely through collaborative institutions.


Expected results
- Increase of the number of Portuguese research works in scientific publications, national and international, on the matter in question;
- Increase of the number of MA and PhD theses dedicated to the themes of sea studies, especially produced by young Portuguese researchers;
- Promotion of knowledge on sea studies, in Portugal, through the potentialities learned from research, from international specialists invited to the events organised, from the information and knowledge exchange about the reality and experiences of other countries' maritime economies;
- Promotion of the practical applicability of knowledge and results of research, namely through the connection established with collaborative entities;
- Promotion of the use of new information technologies on the scientific dissemination, which allow for expanding the targeted public beyond national borders.