Ongoing Projects

Beliefs, Values and Worldviews at Work
André Azevedo Alves

Universidade Católica Portuguesa, through a partnership between CIEP and CESOP, associated to Goldsmiths University of London and to Dr. Maria Power (Blackfriars, Oxford) in a research project about beliefs, values and worldviews at work and their impact in the workplace. This project, led by Prof. Christopher Baker and in UCP by Prof. André Azevedo Alves, is funded by a British Academy Grant. For more information on the project please click here.

Research Project Orçamento, Economia e Democracia
Abel Mateus and André Azevedo Alves

Project sponsored by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, started in 2016, coordinated by Abel Mateus (University College London) and that, besides CIEP’s collaboration on the field of Political Science, it has also the collaboration of researchers from Nova School of Business and Economics. Its main objective is to analyse the institutional architecture that best assures the efficacy and the transparency in the formulation of budget policy in Portugal, looking for answers to improve how funds are allocated and managed in Portugal. To read the final report, please click here.

PPE Network
William Hasselberger and Orlando Samões

Collaboration in an international network led by the University of Arizona (Center for the Philosophy of Freedom) with the purpose of reflecting about the development on the interdisciplinary area of PPE and of promoting new opportunities for collaboration in research and advanced training. Following the collaboration on this international network, a joint workshop was organised in July 2016 in Estoril. For more information, please click here.


Previous projects

The Three Revolutions of the Modern Era (1688, 1776, 1689)
João Carlos Espada, Orlando Samões and Carlos Marques de Almeida

Research seminars, an initiative of the thematic research line LICEO – European and Western Civilization: Origins, Distinguishing Features, Present Challenges – where students meet regularly to present and discuss the previously provided readings on the given topic.

Post-Graduation in Sea Science and Business Administration
Sónia Ribeiro

LIAM-Maria Scientia, CIEP’s thematic line in Maritime Affairs, organizes in partnership with other units of Universidade Católica Portuguesa and with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon a pioneer training programme on the areas of Sciences, Management and Sea Administration.

Conservation and Progress: a Comparative Study in European Transitions
André Azevedo Alves and Lívia Franco

A research collaboration that began in 2015 with the Catholic University Pázmany Peter Budapest, and within which researchers met for a research seminar in Budapest (May 2015) and another in Lisbon (October 2016).

European Foreign Policy Scorecard
Lívia Franco

A collaboration in the development of the European Foreign Policy Scorecard, a tool developed by the European Center for Foreign Relations to provide a systematic evaluation of the performance of European institutions in dealing with the rest of the world in around 80 areas of political topics.