António Fontes Ramos

Invited Professor

Generic Bio

António Fontes Ramos is Guest Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University, Political Studies Institute – Lisbon, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Quelimane and at the Democracy and Development Institute - Cabo Verde. Vice-President of Eurodefense Portugal, and member of the Military Studies Section of the Lisbon Geographic Society.

He was the Portuguese Military Representative to NATO Military Committee and to the European Union Military Committee; Director of the Army Administration and Mobilization Direction; Head of the Army Operations Division; member of the Land Forces and Systems Section at SHAPE Intelligence Division; Head of the Strategy Section and Professor of Strategy, Tactics and Intelligence at the High Military Studies Institute - Lisbon.

His operational and crisis management experiences include activities in Mozambique (1968/70), Timor (1974/75) and Angola (1991/892) following the Bicesse Peace Agreement, as Chief of Staff of the Military Component of the Portuguese Mission and adviser to the constitution of new Angola Armed Forces.

Under NATO and EU collective structures (2000/03), he took also part in the crises management activities following the 11th of Sep, of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Iraqi.