António Rebelo Duarte

Invited Professor

Vice Admiral António Carlos Rebelo Duarte was born on 3rd August 1946, joining the Naval Academy in 1963. After the graduation in 1967, served on board in frigate and patrol vessels as a junior officer.

In late 1968 got the specialisation of Communications and served in overseas African territories as specialised officer on board of the portuguese frigate N.R.P. “Álvares Cabral” from 1969 to 1971.

Served in the Navy Communications School until 1974. In August this year he was charged as commanding officer of the patrol vessel N.R.P. “Argos”, in the last days of the Portuguese Guinea. Executive officer of the portuguese light frigate N.R.P. “Honório Barreto” in 1975.

Graduated in Economics in 1976, at the Lisbon University, being appointed to the Naval Academy, as teacher in Economics branch of Education (1976-1982). Promoted to Lieutenant Commander in July 1977.

Assigned to the Navy Staff HQ´s as a staff officer in the “Personnel Management and Organization” Division, from FEB1982 to September 1986.

He commanded the portuguese light frigate N.R.P. “Jacinto Cândido” (1986-87) and got promotion to Commander in JUL1987. After disembarked, assigned as staff officer in the “Personnel Management” Department (1987-89).

Selected to join the staff of the Portuguese Delegation to the Nato HQ´s in Brussels, as Navy adviser (1989-92).

Returned to the Navy he was called for assistant to the Director of the Personnel Management Department for a short period, up to the end of 1989.

Promoted to Captain in JAN93 and selected again to the Navy Staff HQ´s, as head of the “Communications and Information Systems-CIS” (93/94) and “Personnel Management and Organization” (94/97) Divisions. 

After selection and attendance of the Command Course of the Naval War College, in Lisbon (1987-88), was appointed as head of the Strategy Education Department and charged of the Strategy discipline teaching.

In AUG2000 was promoted to Rear Admiral, and from OCT2000 to JUN2002 was in charge of commanding officer of the Naval Academy. After promotion to Vice Admiral, appointed to Director of the Naval War College (JUN2002-SEP2005)

Lecturer in the Strategic Studies Institute (2004-08) and in the Political Studies Institute (2008-until now), both of the Portuguese Catholic University, in Lisbon.

In 2008 was elected and joined as Academic Correspondent Member and in 2015 chosen as “Academic of Number”, of the Portuguese Culture International Academy and in December 2009 got the election to the Navy Academy as Academic Member.

Elected and appointed to president of the direction board of the João de Castro, a culture academy in Lisbon, involved in the discussion of peace, development and cooperation matters (2010-until now).   

Throughout his career he has been awarded several citations and he is decorated with three “Distinguished Service” silver medals, two “Military Merit” medals, the “Navy Cross” and the gold medal for “Exemplar Conduct”.