José Miguel Sardica

Associate Professor with aggregation

Generic Bio

Historian and Associate Professor with Aggregation of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the UCP. He was General-Secretary (2005-2008), coordinator of the Culture Studies scientific area (2008-2011), Vice-Dean (2008-2012) and Dean (2012-2016) of the Faculty of Human Sciences. He has authored c. 70 chapters in books and articles in collective works, specialized academic journals and proceedings volumes both at a national and international level. Other works include 13 single-authored books on various themes and epochs of contemporary Portuguese history and six co-edited books. He has presented c. 85 papers and lectures at national and international (Spain, Italy, UK and USA) academic events, having also co-organized c. 20 conferences and colloquia. He has developed research in University networks and published peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. A senior member of the Research Centre for Communication and Culture of the Faculty of Human Sciences, a consultant of the Research Centre for Religious History and a member of the board of the Scientific Society of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, he is also a commentator for Rádio Renascença and a regular guest on television and radio programs on historical and current affairs involving politics and culture.