PhD in Political Science and International Relations: Security and Defense

Program Description

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The PhD in Political Science and International Relations aims to deepen fundamental knowledge and capacity for scientific research in the area of ​​Political Science and International Relations.

In this way, the Institute of Political Studies makes it possible for all those who opt for an adequate technical and scientific training to open up to two possible routes:

  • On the one hand the competent and creative exercise from a professional point of view, within a framework that responds the demands of today's world: political career at national or regional level - advisers, advisors, etc. - diplomatic career, communication in politics, international relations at the corporate level, careers in the area of ​​security and defense, international organizations, etc.;
  • On the other hand, a fundamental basis for the rigorous pursuit of studies through the attendance of a third cycle which aims at increasing knowledge competence and, possibly, an academic career.
The PhD Programme in Political Science and International Relations has Erasmus + agreements signed with Jagiellonian Univeristy (Krakow) and CY Cergy Paris Université (Paris). These agreements will allow IEP-UCP PhD students to attend an academic semester at one of the partner Universities, after completing at least 60 ECTS at the IEP-UCP.


Admissions IEP

Admissions IEP


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