1. The IEP-UCP students selected should have completed two semesters of either the IEP-UCP Master’s Degree or the Doctoral Degree programmes at the date of departure;
  2. The IEP-UCP students selected will attend the M.A. Programme in European History and Civilisation, with its study plan consisting of: a semester at the University of Leiden, a semester at the University of Paris - Sorbonne, and a third semester at the University of Oxford. The IEP-UCP recognises the credits obtained on the MA Programme in European History and Civilisation,  and correspondingly granting the IEP-UCP Master’s Degree Diploma to students simultaneously concluding the first curricular year of the IEP-UCP programme with an average grade equal to or greater than 14/20 and who have also obtained the University of Leiden/EUROPAEUM Master’s Degree Diploma;
  3. IEP-UCP students who completed the Programme but do not have an average grade of 14/20 in the first year of their IEP-UCP taught programme, obtain only a IEP-UCP post-graduate qualifications  - while still obtaining the Master’s Degree in European History and Civilisation diploma.
  4. Students finding themselves within the scope of the situation set down in point 3 may, whenever still registered, re-sit examinations so as to improve their first year IEP-UCP average grade and take it above 14/20;
  5. Students enrolled in IEP-UCP Doctoral Degree programmes, who are awarded their Master’s Degrees by the IEP-UCP and the MA Programme in European History and Civilisation, are to proceed with their Doctoral Degree programme in accordance with the IEP-UCP Doctoral Degree Regulations.
  6. Compliance with these regulations comes in addition to compliance with those set down for the EUROPAEUM programme.