MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies

Descrição do Programa

Cartaz Early Bird MA 2024

The MA programme in GLDS enables students to learn the key features of Political Leadership, Governance, and Democratic Practice in contemporary societies. MA students are given a chance to study cutting-edge research on the rapidly changing dynamics of Contemporary Global Politics, and they are provided with a firm grounding in the essential concepts and arguments of the history of Western Political Thought. The programme also teaches students how to conduct rigorous, high-level research, how to present ideas and argue clearly in writing and spoken debate, and how to understand and analyze situations of strategic decision-making.

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Secretariado M.A. in GLDS

Dr.ª Susana Pedro

Horário de atendimento presencial:
Segunda-feira das 15h30 às 18h30; 
Terça-feira das 11h30 às 14h; 
Quarta-feira das 15h30 às 18h30; 
Quinta-feira das 10h às 12h30;
Sexta-feira: On-line, mediante agendamento.