An International Network

This international atmosphere has grown gradually, out of free interaction and trust. For this reason, we believe it is stronger and it has much more potential then it would, had it been designed only by central or administrative will. It now has several dimensions:

  • An ongoing programme of seminars and lectures given by some of the best scholars in Political Science and International Relations coming from overseas;
  • A semester-abroad programme which allows the best IEP students to complete part of their studies at prestigious overseas Universities such as St. Antony’s and Lincoln Colleges at the University of Oxford, King’s College, London, Georgetown University and Boston College, among others. Students of these Universities are also welcome at IEP-UCP;
  • An association with other prestigious MA or PhD courses as a first step to reach joint-degree diplomas. This association now includes (1) the EUROPAEUM MA Programme in European History and Civilization, a three quarter course based in Leiden, Sorbonne-Pantheon (Paris) and Oxford; and (2) the two-year MA in Democracy Studies at Georgetown University;
  • A MA programme, fully taught in English, - MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies – which is associated through a “Double Degree” protocol with the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest (founded in 1635) and the Jagiellonian University, Krakow (founded in 1364);
  • An International Meeting in Political Studies which is convened by an international committee of senior scholars and takes place annually in Estoril, near Lisbon. These meetings have had the association of Harvard University and Boston College Summer Programs, as well as the Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu, Nowy Sacz, Poland.