M.A. and Ph.D Students Experiences during Europaeum

"Raymond Aron used to write that men make history without knowing it. Since I came in to the IEP I quickly became aware that I was inside an unparalleled academic environment in Portugal. There were three reasons that lead me to this perception: I) the academic quality of the faculty and staff ; II) the innovation of curricular subjects; III) the opportunity given to each student to be able to complete his degrees in foreign academic environments of higher quality. When I applied to the Europaeum Masters I was aware that it was, simultaneously, an opportunity and a responsibility. The opportunity to study in three of the best European academic environments - Leiden, Sorbonne and Oxford - and the responsibility of representing IEP in these institutions. The recognition that the Institute has abroad is due to its academic level and its Director. This is the IEP chapter that makes history in the national academic environment."

Nuno Wahnon Martins
M.A. Student, IEP-UCP | EUROPAEUM M.A. Student

"The curricular structure of the programme provides the students with deep and rigorous study of political and cultural European history. The joint organization also makes possible for an unparalleled learning experience, in some of the most prestigious European universities. The structure, flexibility, pedagogical quality, degree of academic demand and the high individual responsibility make this programme a valuable complement to the curricular formation provided by IEP. Without the solid international credibility and reputation built by IEP through out the first 10 years of existence, I could hardly be admitted and gather the necessary logistic conditions to attend the Europaeum Masters Programme in European History and Civilisation. At this moment of examination and celebration, I thank IEP for the enormous privilege of having being able to study and learn with some of the best scholars in the areas of Political Philosophy, History and International Relations - in the Institute and abroad. In the beginning of the second decade of existence, I honestly wish that the success of IEP consolidates and grows even more, so that many others may benefit from this unique institutional experience in the Portuguese University landscape."

Fernando da Cruz Gabriel
PhD Student, IEP-UCP | EUROPAEUM M.A. Student