Recensões "The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty - a view from Europe", João Carlos Espada

- "A Gentlemanly Love of Liberty" by James W. Muller, Chairman, International Churchill Society academic Advisers and University of Alaska, Anchorage, em Finest Hour, n. 180

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- The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty em Westernaissance, Fev. 14, 2018
Amichai Magen e João Carlos Espada exploram a Tradição Anglo-Saxónica da Liberdade e o que esta nos ensinou. Disponível aqui

- Apresentação do livro: The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty: A View from Europe | St Antony's College, University of Oxford, Fev. 6, 2018
Apresentação João Carlos Espada

- Apresentação do livro na Université Paris - Sorbonne, no contexto de “SÉMINAIRE FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE D’HISTOIRE”
CREW (University Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3) em parceria com HDEA & Center Mousnier (University Paris - Sorbonne), AGORA (Cergy-Pontoise), CREA (Paris Nanterre), LARCA (Paris-Diderot), Institute of Historical Research (London), Maison Française d’ Oxford, Dec. 14, 2017
Introdução de Catherine Marshall, Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Paris e Apresentação do livro por João Carlos Espada 

- Tradução Húngara de "The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty - a view from Europe" foi publicada. Mais informação aqui

- Recensão de Amichai Maigen, em Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, Nov. 2017

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Apresentação do livro na Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC

- Debate no International Forum for Democratic Studies,  Washington, DC: 
Convite, Introdução de Marc Plattner, Editor do Journal of Democracy e apresentação de João Carlos Espada

Recensão de James Bernard Murphy, Professor of Government, Dartmouth College, Hanover , NH, USA

Apresentação (em inglês) no Estoril Political Forum, Junho 27, 2016

Lançamento do livro () at Academia das Ciências de Lisboa, June 9, 2016   


"The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty - a view from Europe",  João Carlos Espada 

'After working for Portugal's socialist president Mario Soares, Joao Carlos Espada studied at Oxford with several eminent liberal thinkers. From this unique vantage point, he has written a fascinating and eminently readable account of the Anglo-American liberal tradition and its divergences from Continental ways of thinking. Professor Espada's intellectual seriousness, fair-mindedness, and love of liberty shine through every page of this work.' 
Marc F. Plattner, Editor, Journal of Democracy, USA 

‘A personal, perceptive and illuminating journey by a continental European admirer of the Anglo-American tradition of liberty. He conducts us, both intellectually and personally through the lives and works of some of its greatest thinkers. A delightful book.’ 
Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies, University of Oxford, Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford & Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University'

Table of Contents
Introduction: Karl Popper, Winston Churchill and ‘The British Mystery’ 
Part I | PERSONAL INFLUENCES - 1. Karl R. Popper: The open society and its enemies; 2. Ralf Dahrendorf: Liberty and civil society; 3. Raymond Plant: Social welfare without class warfare; 4. Gertrude Himmelfarb and Irving Kristol: The moral imagination; 
Part II | COLD WARRIORS; 5. Raymond Aron: The opium of the intellectuals; 6. Friedrich A. Hayek: The constitution of liberty; 7. Isaiah Berlin: Liberty and pluralism; 8. Michael J. Oakeshott: The conservative disposition; 9. Leo Strauss: Relativism and the crisis of modernity 
Part III | ORDERLY LIBERTY - 10. Edmund Burke: Liberty and duty; 11. James Madison vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Two views of self-government; 12. Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America
Part IV | THE SPIRIT OF LIBERTY - 13. Winston S. Churchill: The English-Speaking Peoples and the Free World
Part V | POLITICS OF IMPERFECTION: THE ANGLO-AMERICAN TRADITION OF LIBERTY - 14. Limited and accountable Government; 15. Two kinds of rationalism; 16. Liberty as conversation

About the Author
João Carlos Espada is the director and founder of the Institute of Political Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal, where he is Professor of Political Studies. He earned his DPhil from the University of Oxford, and has taught at Brown, Stanford and Georgetown Universities in the US, and the College of Europe in Warsaw, Poland. He was political advisor to President Mário Soares (1986–1990) and President Cavaco Silva (2006–2011).

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