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Papers Available: 

June 3

The Third Wave of World Democratisation

Remarks on the Democratic Recession by Larry Diamond

Rethinking the Third Wave by Marc Plattner

Frank Carlluci Memorial Dinner: 50 years after the portuguese Revoluion & Celebrating the centenary of the birth of Mário Soares and Maria Barroso

Mario Soares Fought for Democracy and Won by Carl Gershman

June 4 

Defending Democracy in an Age of Sharp Power

Sharp Power and its Effects on Democracy by Christopher Walker

Sharp power and the electrification of mobility by Dora Gyórffy

Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture: Tribute to Raymond Plant

Tribute and Critique by Matt Beech

Raymond Plant and the British Social Democratic Tradition by Kevin Hickson

June 5

CIEP BREAKOUT SESSION - Commemorating the Portuguese Revolution of 1974 & Evaluating the Future of Democracy’s Third Wave 

Democracy as a foreigner ideology (Afghanistan) by Mohammad Ali Ibrahimi

Between modernization and democracy: public education policy cycles and their values by Cristina Sá Carvalho

New Roads for Democracy in Africa 

Decline on support for democracy and the challenge of the dominant parties in SADC countries by Carlos Pacatolo

New Roads for Democracy in Africa by Joana Ramos 

Ukraine, Russia and the West

Russia, Ukraine and the West by Zdizslaw Mach

Ukraine, Russia, and the West by Daniela Nunes

The 2024 U.S. Elections 

The upcoming U.S. Election by John Owen

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