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Promoting an Innovative Political Education with Strong Roots in the Past

Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Catholic University of Portugal’s Institute for Political Studies (IEP). In order to ensure the achievement of our goals and to be able to provide a cutting edge education, private support is of major importance for us.

With the solid institutional support of the Catholic University of Portugal, the IEP participates in a network made up of the world’s best universities and strives to be an important factor of influence in Portugal and worldwide. IEP’s international impact is reflected in the broad range of international guest professors, as well as in the numerous opportunities for students to participate in exchange schemes with world top Universities.

Our mission is to promote a school of academic excellence, a forward-looking project but firmly rooted in the past. By taking our inspiration from the Christian values that had shaped our culture, the cosmopolitan example set by the Sagres School and the ambience of elite of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, IEP aims to educate free and responsible citizens.



The Institute for Political Studies welcomes and sincerely appreciates any gift, either large or more modest, given that any investment is necessary and fundamental to contribute to the role played by IEP as a leading institution in political education. Your gift can assume a variety of forms since you can choose to contribute to the development of IEP’s Research Centre, to support educational activities, to attract a world top faculty or to serve any other purpose you may have in mind.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The success of the Institute for Political Studies also depends on the important role played by our partners, who share our vision on the education of responsible citizens. We are happy to acknowledge the strong support we have received from international Foundations such as Luso-American Foundation, the Washington Energy Global Investor . The Institute for Political Studies is looking forward to grow new associations with new partners to foster our programmes and to help us strengthening our faculty, curriculum and student development. In case you decide to invest in the creation of a new sponsorship, this will be named after your organization.