Master's Degree Awards in Political Science and International Relations

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These awards are made, during the Alexis de Tocqueville Ceremonial Speech.

The Annual Best Master's Degree Performance:

  • The core purpose of this award is to honour the best student on the taught phase of the Master’s Degrees program;
  • The award may only be attributed to students who have concluded the appropriate number of ECTS required to finish this first program phase in the respective year of the award and whether having completed this minimum ECTS number in the January and June evaluation periods (for example: the award of the year X, may only be awarded to students completing 78 ECTS in the periods of evaluation taking place in that year);
  • The only award attribution criterion consists of the average classification obtained from the subjects and seminars making up the ECTS taken within the respective periods of study;
  • Eligible for this award are students enrolled in the Master’s Degree program for up to four semesters and their respective conclusion of the taught program;
  • All students are potentially eligible for this award whenever enrolled on Master’s Degrees on the date of its announcement.


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