CIEP is the Research Centre of the Institute for Political Studies of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

CIEP brings together researchers from various specialist fields, including:

  • European Studies;
  • Comparative Politics;
  • Politics of the Sea;
  • Public Policies;
  • International Relations;
  • Defence and Security;
  • Political Theory.

CIEP fosters and encourages, as is the case throughout the IEP, the internationalisation of its researchers and their research projects. CIEP is currently a member of The Network of Democracy Research Institutes and Europaeum.

CIEP is also available to, upon financial availability and approval, fund the participation of its researchers in scientific events that are in line with the research priorities of the Centre. The rules that guide this funding may be found here.

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Currently, CIEP is an R&D unit funded by the FCT - Science and Technology Foundation [Ref. UIDB/04597/2020].