PRICES (per person)

- Tuition (includes tuition, documentation and coffee breaks)

3 days 80€ / 2 days 60€ / 1 day 40€

3 days 60€ / 2 days 45€ / 1 day 30€

3 days 50€ / 2 days 40€ / 1 day 25€

- Meals at Hotel Palácio (prices per meal)

Lunch 45€
Dinner 50€

Lunch/dinner 20€ 

Convenors Estoril Political Forum 2022:

Amichai Magen
IDC, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya
Anthony O’Hear
Editor, Philosophy, London
Catherine Marshall
CY Cergy Paris Université
Hartmut Mayer
Chairman, Europaeum, Oxford
James W. Muller
Chairman, International Churchill Society Academic Advisers;
University of Alaska
João Carlos Espada
IEP UCP, Lisbon
Marc Plattner
Coeditor Emeritus, Journal of Democracy, Washington, D.C.; Chairman, IEP International Advisory Board
Paul Flather
Raymond Plant
King’s College London and House of Lords, London
Zdzislaw Mach
Jagiellonian University , Krakow
Rita Seabra Brito
EPF Programme Director


Ever since 1993, the Annual International Political Studies Meetings (Estoril Political Forum) have brought together academics, students, politicians, business leaders, opinion makers and journalists in an open debate on the issues surrounding politics and international relations.

This international forum is recognised as a program of excellence endowing students and other participants the opportunity to learn and engage with some of the most renowned specialists in the field while simultaneously building up a broad reaching network of international contacts. 

The Estoril Political Forum is considered unique within the Portuguese scenario and has already established its position as a landmark in international terms, especially in Anglo-American circles. 

This international debating forum is designed for all IEP undergraduate, master and doctoral degree students (under the credit regime) and all other entities and individuals interested in the themes key to Political Science and International Relations.

Throughout the intervening years, the IEP summer courses have attracted over a 6800 participants and speakers.

"These International Meetings, as well as the Institute for Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal which has hosted them, have been the product of a gradual evolution. They were not made, they have grown, as F.A. Hayek would certainly say. They are the product of an interaction, or a conversation, as Michael Oakeshott would have put it, through which we have been able to build an institution that is larger and more complex than any single mind could have conceived, not to mention, designed.

It all started back in 1993, at the lovely Monastery of Arrabida, and we were then no more than 20 people. From there we have grown gradually. Throughout these last 20 years, a group of international friends has gradually joined our Annual Meetings in Political Studies, while also teaching intensive courses at our Institute."

Prof. João Carlos Espada
Opening Address of XX Estoril Political Forum (June 2012)