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This Advanced Programme in Maritime Studies has its specific emphasis on the themes of Governance and Strategic Management, key areas for the exploration of resources and preservation of maritime environmental values, as well as for the cohesion and social development in coastal communities.

The Programme, aimed at professionals - from public or private institutions - and higher education students, offers a solid theoretically grounded knowledge base, contextualizing the opportunities for action, and the challenges posed, to the different actors when carrying out their activities at the national and international levels.

The Programme also offers the opportunity to, within each area, come into contact with specialists recognized for their theoretical and practical knowledge in their specific areas of both study and work, associating itself with the Cycle of Conferences that the Line of Investigation in Marine Affairs offers.


Applications Open - until April 26, 2022

Duration: from 02 to 25 May 2022

Session hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 18pm to 20:50pm - Schedule here»

The program will take place in online format.

The curricular program has a duration of 36 hours, to be taught in 4 weeks (3 days/week) and comprises a total of 8 subjects; 3 LIAM sessions and a cycle of 7 lectures.
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Application: 50€
Fee: 500€

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Programa Avançado em Estudos do Mar 2022


Previous Editions:

4th edition - 2018

3rd edition - 2016

2nd edition - 2014

1st edition - 2011


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