International Churchill Society of Portugal

The objective of the International Churchill Society is to foster leadership, the sense of state, the vision and courage of democratic peoples and lovers of liberty through the thinkings, works and writings of Winston Spencer Churchill.  On 6th October 2003, at the closing dinner of the Annual Alexis de Tocqueville Speech, the founding of the Portuguese branch of the International Churchill Society was announced and followed by a speech by Mr. Paul Courtenay, Vice-Chairman & Honorary Secretary of the International Churchill Society - United Kingdom.

Join the International Churchill Society of Portugal now!

On becoming a member of the International Churchill Society of Portugal, you benefit from the following conditions:

  • Finest Hour Magazine (quarterly);
  • Chartwell Bulletins with institutional news and events;
  • Discounts on books purchased from the The Churchill Centre Book Club;
  • Full access to the website through personally attributed code.

Contributions made by our members support programs and activities designed to perpetuate the memory of Winston Churchill and educate future generations and including:

  • A program that subsidises the publication of the many works by Churchill that are otherwise sold out;
  • Academic research into various different facets of the life of Churchill and the publication of new essays, articles and books;
  • The series of Winston Churchill seminars that provide secondary school teachers with the tools and the materials needed to teach future generations about Winston Churchill;
  • The Sir Martin Gilbert Essay Competition, an annual event organised within the framework of the Churchill International Conference, provides secondary school and high school students with the opportunity to submit original essays about Churchill and win monetary prizes;
  • Free public speeches by renowned academics, statesmen and other globally recognised figures.


It is an honour for IEP to have The International Churchill Society of Portugal associated to: 

Estoril Political Forum

Winston Churchill Memorial Lecture and Dinner