Internal Conflicts

3 ECTS / Semester / English

Domestic Conflicts are the most frequent expression of contemporary violence, but we have frequently been surprised when they erupt. The collapse of USSR and the subsequent conflicts in the Balkans, the sudden irruption of the so-called Islamic State, but also the riots in London, Paris or Stockholm, all came as surprises.

Many countries live under latent conditions of violence.  The number of displaced people is the highest since the Second World War. 

In fact, inter-communal conflicts have increasingly replaced inter-state wars. Violence moved into the states and is being conducted in different forms and by multiple agents from mobilized mobs, organized crime structures, insurgent groups or terrorists.

The goal of this Couse is dedicated to understanding this massive change and what to do to prevent and contain violence, and to make and keep the peace using the essential tools of Conflict Resolution.


Invited Professor
António Fontes Ramos is Guest Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University, Political Studies Institute – Lisbon, at the Faculty of Social Sciences…