Throughout almost 15 years, the IEP has led teaching and research in the fields of Political Science and International Relations in Portugal. The quality and the impact of our training and education are reflected in the leading positions our alumni have since taken up. Correspondingly, our former students represent a valuable asset to our institution and in which we place great pride and with whom we constantly cooperate. Out of this collaboration was born the IEP Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Program is an innovative human development project for IEP undergraduate and master’s degree programs with a central feature of ongoing contact between a current student (mentoree) and a former student (mentor). With this IEP coordinated contact, we aim for current students to be able to complement their academic education with a greater awareness of their target professional realities. Simultaneously, these students gain the opportunity to discuss their academic progression and career prospects with their mentor, thus benefitting from their recognised experienced and insight. In practical terms, the program is made up of two or three meetings per year thereby enabling students to experience their mentor’s working environment and the specific characteristics of their role as well as exchanging more general experiences and impressions about education, training and careers.

Should you be interested and believe you meet the terms and profile to meaningfully contribute towards the program and best benefit from it, go ahead and apply!

For more information and an application form, please contact Professor Eugénia Gambôa Franco at the following address: 


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