It happened: Charles Powell "Does the liberal International Order have a Future?"

Friday, February 22, 2019 - 12:33

It happened | Alexis de Tocqueville Annual Lecture | 21 February, 6.00pm 

The Lecture was presented by Prof. Charles Powell, Director of the Real Institute Elcano, Madrid, on “Does the Liberal International Order have a Future?”.

The whole programme counted with the exclusive sponsorship of Fundação Amélia de Mello and was in association with Nova Cidadania.

Professor Charles Powell's Presentation by Prof. João Carlos Espada

Prof. João Carlos Espada's Opening Address

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New! PALESTRA ANUAL ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE 1998-2018 | Alexis de Tocqueville Annual Lecture 1998-2018

Coord. Ana V. Martins | Preface: João Carlos Espada edited by Universidade Católica Editora

(In portuguese) - Price: 29.90€

"Essentially, the book brings together the Alexis de Tocqueville Annual Lectures, which began in 1998. These are formal ceremonies to award diplomas which are preceded by a lecture by a distinguished guest speaker and followed by a formal dinner.
The name Alexis de Tocqueville may not be widely known, but it was -and continues to be- a name that expresses with particular elegance and distinction the project dreamt by IEP-UCP: a project of university autonomy, of orderly and quiet defense of freedom, of refusal of what Tocqueville called a "sterile conflict between Old Regime and Revolution" or "perpetual oscillation between serfdom and abuse". 
(João Carlos Espada)

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