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1 Dec.
National Holiday

6 Dec.
CIEP Seminar: Que União Europeia depois da guerra? 
Nuno Sampaio, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Discussant: Inês Domingos, Professor, CLSBE-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP  
Chair: Orlando Samões, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Venue and time: Room Prince Henry, the Navigator. 5pm-6.15pm 
More information and registrations:

Cartaz CIEP "Que UE depois da guerra?

8 Dec.
National Holiday

11 Dec. 
75 Anos da Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos 
Open Class within the course "Direito e Teoria Constitucional"
Speaker: Mário Pinto, Professor, UCP
Host: José Tomaz Castello Branco, Professor IEP-UCP; Researcher CIEP-UCP 
Discussant: Mónica Dias, Director IEP-UCP, Professor IEP-UCP, Researcher CIEP-UCP; Ana Evans, Professora, FCH-UCP
Venue and time: Sala de Exposições. 10am 
More information and registrations:

Cartaz Aula Aberta "75 Anos da DUDH"

11 Dec.
CIEP-CEGE-LED Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Geopolitical Rivalry

Open Class within the course Geopolitics 
Speaker: William Hasselberger, Director, Digital Ethics Laboratory (LED); Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Chair: André Azevedo Alves, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Venue and time: Católica Porto, Business School, Room 22 Jardim. 2:30pm
More information and registrations:


12 Dec.
Os Desafios da Alemanha para 2024
Open Class within the course "Alemanha entre a Guerra e a Paz"
Speaker: Amb. Julia Monar, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lisbon
Venue and time: Sala de Exposições. 3:30pm
More information and registrations:

Cartaz Aula Aberta "Os desafios da Alemanha para 2024"

12 Dec.
CIEP Seminar: A Revolução Soviética de 1917
Seminar as part of the "Seis Revoluções da Era Moderna" project

Speaker: Luiz Felipe Pondé, Director Académico, LABÔ, PUC-SP
Chair: José Tomaz Castello Branco, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Venue and time: Online (Zoom), Link: 5pm - 6.15pm
More information and registrations:

Cartaz - A Revolução Soviética 6 Revoluções CIEP

12 Dec.
CIEP-LED-SACRU Webinar: AI, Trust, and Explainability
Speaker: Sam Baron, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Australian Catholic University
Venue and time: Online (Zoom), Link:, 8pm.
More information and registrations:


13 Dec.
IEP Christmas Tea

14 Dec.
Christmas Mass

13 to 15 Dec.
Applications for the curricular units of the Spring Semestre
Applications for finalist exams (BA programme)

15 Dec.
Last day of classes before Christmas Break (BA, MA and PhD programmes)

18 Dec. to 1 Jan.
Christmas Break



7 Nov.
Tomada de posse da nova Direção IEP-UCP 

10 Nov.
23rd Alexis de Tocqueville Annual Lecture - Graduation Ceremony

photo gallery

Foto 1 - Tocqueville 2023
Foto 2 - Tocqueville 2023
Foto 3 - Tocqueville 2023

16 Nov.
The Institute for Political Studies hereby congratulates and commends...​
The Institute for Political Studies hereby congratulates and commends Diogo Santos, MA on defending his Master Dissertation in Political Science and International Relations: Security and Defense: "Herbert Marcuse e Friedrich Hayek: Um debate sobre o mercado livre". The candidate was approved with the final classification of 17. 
Jury: Prof. André Barata Nascimento, Prof. Ivone dos Santos Moreira, Prof. Miguel Morgado

17 Nov.
Career Day 2023 

Photo Gallery

23 and 24 Nov. 
International Seminar: An Introduction to the Thought of Sir Roger Scruton 
with Anthony O'Hear

28 Nov.
CIEP Seminar:  A Revolução Brasileira de 1889
LICEO | Seminar as part of the "Seis Revoluções da Era Moderna" project

Speaker: Bruno Garschagen, LABÔ, PUC-SP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Chair: João Pereira Coutinho, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP 

29 Nov.
Book Debate: "Mikhail Gorbatchov e o Fim do Império Soviético: entre o sonho e o colapso de um regime (im)perfeito"
Speaker: Daniela Nunes, PhD student, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP
Discussants: Germano Almeida, Journalist, SIC; José Miguel Sardica, Professor, IEP-UCP, Professor, FCH-UCP; Madalena Meyer Resende, Professor, FCSH-UNL
Chair: Lívia Franco, Professor, IEP-UCP; Researcher, CIEP-UCP




Flyer IEP Alumni Club

The main objective of the IEP Alumni Club is to create lasting relationships by supporting the insertion in the job market, mentoring, collaboration among alumni, and through the organization of academic, cultural, social and recreational activities. It is our belief that this will contribute to the recognition of the IEP as an institution of excellence and the quality of its students.

Read the message by the President of the IEP Alumni Club, Henrique Burnay MA

More information about the IEP Alumni Club:


During the past month, IEP acquired for its library the following books:

  • Darnton, Robert. The Revolutionary Temper: Paris, 1748-1789. London: Allen Lane, 2023.
  • Häberlen, Joachim C. Beauty is in the Street: Protest and Counterculture in Post-War Europe. London: Allen Lane, 2023. 
  • Howell, Edward. North Korea and the Global Nuclear Order. Oxford University Press, 2023.
  • Mann, Michael. On Wars. Yale, 2023. 
  • Rowell, Alex. We Are Your Soldiers: How Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser Remade the Arab World. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2023. 
  • Service, Robert. Blood on the Snow: The Russian Revolution 1914-1924. London: Picador, 2023.
  • Skidelsky, Robert. The Machine Age: An Idea, a History, a Warning. London: Allen Lane, 2023. 
  • ​Trentmann, Frank. Out of Darkness: The Germans, 1942-2022. London: Allen Lane, 2023.