IT HAPPENED - IEP OPEN DAY 2020 - Summit of Democracies

Monday, June 22, 2020 - 15:05

The IEP-UCP Open Day is, since 2013, organized under the format of a simulation of a “Summit of Democracies” led by the event's Director, Prof. Mónica Dias. This is an initiative that invites secondary school students to debate the current political situation and democracy worldwide. In 2020, due to the impossibility of bringing together students, professors and guests in person, the Open Day was held in an online format, joining us through the Zoom platform. Click here to read the Summit of Democracies 2020 Programme.

The Summit of Democracies 2020 was attended by 10 teams of Secondary Schools from North to South of the country (from Moimenta da Beira to Porto, passing through the regions of Coimbra, Lisbon, Cascais, Milfontes to Faro), as well as several students and professors from schools without a team, and 103 participants joined the Opening Session.

The Summit also had the presentation of the Coordinator of the BA in Political Science and International Relations, Prof. Orlando Samões, during the Open Class.

The Institute for Political Studies is very grateful to the European Parliament Representation in Portugal for its kind support, in the person of Dr. Pedro Valente da Silva, Head of the European Parliament's Office in Portugal, who awarded the EUROSCOLA Prize. The prize consists of a trip from the selected school to Strasbourg, to participate in the Euroscola Sessions that take place the following academic year.

Click here to read the news about the Summit of Democracies 2020 on Observador and Expresso.

Welcome Address of the Summit by the Director, Prof. João Carlos Espada

Open Class - Director, Prof. João Carlos Espada, intervention

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