Applications Fall Semester 2022/23

1st phase - 26 April to 1 July
Admission exam – 20 June and 6 July
Interview – 23 June and 8 July
Enrollment – 18 to 29 July

2nd phase - 4 July to 31 August 
Admission exam – 2 September
Interview – 6 September
Enrollment –  7 to 9 September

Beginning of classes - 12 September

online applications

Candidates are accepted onto Doctoral Degree programs when meeting one of the following requirements: 

- Undergraduates in one of the fields of Social Sciences that have completed their degree with an average grade equal to or above 16/20; 
- Master’s degree holders in any scientific field that completed their Master’s Degrees with a minimum grade of Good. In this latter case, the IEP Scientific Council may or may not grant equivalence to some of the Master’s Degree subjects completed by candidates, providing exemption for some of the taught degree components. 

 Documents necessary for application 
  • Doctoral Degree Application Form   | Post-graduate and Master's Degree Application Form  ;
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (facultative);
  • Short Curriculum Vitae;
  • Documents in proof of the aforementioned qualifications (submission of photocopies - with presentation of originals);
  • Application Fees: 1st phase 145€ / 2nd phase 170€;
  • One photograph.

Documents to be delivered by e-mail to  

Application Fee: applications are subject to payment of the application fee. This payment may be done through bank transfer. 

National Candidates 

Entrance Examination: candidates sit an entrance examination that involves commenting on a classical text drawn from Political Science/European Studies. One text is chosen from the two set to the student. Both texts are in English while the answer is written in Portuguese. This examination is solely indicative of the candidate’s interest in the fields of Political Science, International Relations and European Studies as well as their familiarity with English and does not assume specialist knowledge on the issues raised. A past examination paper may be requested from the Institute Secretary. The entrance examination is sat in the final application phase. 

Interview: the applicant completes the admissions process with an interview designed to analyse both the documented contents of the respective application process and the individual candidate’s motivation. The admitted candidates will be contacted by the services.

The evaluation and decision on the applications will be communicated to the candidates on the 14th of July (1st phase) and 6th of September (2nd phase). Admitted candidates will be contacted by the services.

Admitted candidates must enroll within the deadlines indicated in the calendar. Enrollment for Lisbon courses is online. 

Upon enrollment, the respective fee (which includes school insurance) and the monthly fee for the first month is due.

These amounts are not refundable in case of cancellation of registration.




The same conditions apply as for national candidates. Additionally, international applicants must submit:
- Two essays written by the candidate with approximately 2500 words each, in Portuguese or English, on a topic of Political Science or International Relations, chosen by the candidate (these essays replace the entrance exam for national candidates). The candidate can submit some academic work that meets these requirements even if it has already been evaluated


Secretariat M.A. and Ph.D.

Susana Pedro, BA