Fall Semester (September - January)
Subject ECTS Hours Professor
Europe and Democracy: from Division to Reunification. The Tradition of Liberty  6 18 Prof. João Carlos Espada
Contemporary International Politics 6 18 Prof. Mónica Dias
Research Tutorial 3 9 Prof. João Carlos Espada   
The Third Wave of Democratization: from 1974 to the present 3 9 Prof. Mónica Dias
Democracy, Public Choice and Economic Analysis of Law 3 9

Prof. André Azevedo Alves

Democracy in Western Political Thought 3 9 Prof. João Pereira Coutinho
Security in International Organizations 3 9 General Luís Valença Pinto
Domestic Conflicts 3 9 General António Fontes Ramos
Institutions of Governance and Representation  3 9 Prof. André Azevedo Alves
The Pursuit of Happiness: from Philosophy to Political Economy 5.5 42 Prof. William Hasselberger
Nationalism, Populism and Democracy 5.5 42 Prof. Mónica Dias
Wisdom and Leadership: Lessons from Classical Philosophy 3 9 Prof. William Hasselberger

Spring Semester (February - June)


Hours Professor
International Seminar (Estoril Political Forum) 6 18 Prof. João Carlos Espada
Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies 6 18 Prof. João Carlos Espada
Global Political Economy 6 18 Prof. André Azevedo Alves
Leadership and Strategic Challenge 6 18 Prof. Miguel Monjardino
Democracy, Civil Society and Religion 3 9 Prof. João Pereira CoutinhoProf. Mónica Dias 
European Studies (Module I, Module II, Module III) 6 18 Dr. Jaime Gama, Dr. João Salgueiro, Dr. José Manuel Durão Barroso
War Studies 5.5 42 Prof. Francisco Proença Garcia
Introduction to Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) 5.5 42 Prof. William Hasselberger

Note: The availability of the subjects will depend on a minimum number of enrollments.