The awards are made at the Annual Alexis de Tocqueville Speech Ceremony.

Award of Excellence

Every year, the Institute for Political Studies bestows the Award of Excellence on:

  • All candidates accepted onto IEP degree programs with an average grade equal to or above 17 (seventeen) in 20 (twenty);
  • To the three best students on each degree program whenever obtaining average degree grades equal to or above 17 (seventeen) in 20 (twenty).

The Excellence Award involves exemption from university fees equal to the ECTS foreseen for the curricular program recommended for the subsequent academic year.

Alexis de Tocqueville Award

The best Undergraduate Student from each Degree Program (Political Science and International Relations) is awarded the Alexis de Tocqueville Award that consists of the possibility of, either during the following academic year or on graduating and without any additional cost, of undertaking an internship through the IEP Internship Office in accordance with the respective regulatory framework in effect or, where wishing to continue with their studies in the following academic year on the IEP Master’s or Doctoral Degree programs, take receipt of a grant equivalent to 10 ECTS.

Lord Acton Award

This annually distinguishes, during that year’s Alexis de Tocqueville Speech, the Best Students on the Political Science and International Relations Undergraduate Programs that in the previous year had not only completed the totality of ECTS credits set down for the respective curricular program but also obtained a weighted average grade of 15/20


B.A. Secretariat

Miguel Paim B.A.