Fall Semester (September - January)
Subject ECTS Hours Professor
Tradition of Liberty  6 18 Prof. João Carlos Espada
Contemporary International Politics 6 18 Prof. Mónica Dias
International Seminars in Area Studies and Global Governance 3 9 Coordination by Prof. João Carlos Espada   

Democracy and Rising Authoritarianisms

3 9

Prof. Mónica Dias

Democracy, Public Choice, Law and Economics

3 9 Prof. André Azevedo Alves 
Democracy in Western Political Thought 3 9

Prof. João Pereira Coutinho

Institutions of Governance and Representation 3 9 Prof. André Azevedo Alves
Security in International Organizations 3 9

General António Fontes Ramos

Internal Conflicts 3 9 General António Fontes Ramos
Muslim World 3 9 Prof. José Tomaz Castello Branco

Political Ideologies

5.5 42 Prof. João Pereira Coutinho
Ocean Governance and Strategic Management 5.5 42 Prof. Sónia Ribeiro

Spring Semester (February - June)


Hours Professor

Global Political Economy

6 18 Prof. André Azevedo Alves 
Leadership and Strategic Challenges 6 18 Prof. Miguel Monjardino

Democracy, Civil Society and Religion

3 9 Prof. Mónica Dias, Prof. João Pereira Coutinho

International Seminar

6 18 Coordination by Prof. João Carlos Espada
Reserch Tutorial 6 18 Prof. João Carlos Espada
European Studies 6 18 Coordination by Prof. Sónia Ribeiro
Conservatisms 5,5 42 Prof. João Pereira Coutinho 

Power, Law and Liberty

5,5 42 Prof. José Tomaz Castello Branco
War and Strategy in a Contemporary World 5,5 42 Prof. Francisco Proença Garcia 

Note: The availability of the subjects will depend on a minimum number of enrollments.