Dissertation Supervision

1. Dissertation preparation is supervised by an Institute for Political Studies or International Advisory Board professor or researcher, and accepting co-supervision by a professor or researcher from another higher education institute whenever duly justified.
2. The supervisor is formally nominated by dispatch signed into effect by the Institute’s Director.

Dissertation Project

1. The Project should include:
a) the title and subtitle of the future dissertation;
b) a summary presentation of the theme and the form of approach in no more than
2,500 words;
c) a first detailed index of the future dissertation;
d) a first bibliographic survey.

2. These documents are accompanied by a declaration from the student’s supervisor
expressing their respective approval of the project presented and their willingness to
supervise the candidate’s project.

3. Project acceptance furthermore requires the approval of both the Master’s Degree
Coordination Council and the Institute’s Board.

4. The project may be approved prior to the student completing the curricular phase whilst nevertheless remaining conditional on conclusion.

Dissertation Writing 

1. The Dissertation should have a minimum of 15 thousand and a maximum of 25 thousand words, excluding the bibliography and annexes, with the text typed, with double spaces, and with footnotes with one space.

2. Each thesis should begin by stating the approximate number of words and a summary of no more than 300 words.

3. The dissertation may be printed or duplicated with its first page containing the
following details:
a) the name and emblem of the University and the Institute;
b) the specialist field;
c) the name of the supervisor;
d) the name of the candidate;
e) the dissertation title.