William Hasselberger

Assistant Professor

William Hasselberger is a Professor of Politics at the Catholic University of Portugal and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.  He received his Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Virginia in 2012, after which he held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.

William's current research concerns philosophical anthropology, or the philosophy of human nature, moral character and agency, as understood by both Classical and modern thinkers.  He is currently researching the nature of the ethical and civic virtues: character traits such as justice, courage, moderation, and wisdom. In particular, he is studying the relation of virtues to tacit practical knowledge and skill (forms of knowledge that cannot be 'told' or codified in systematic theories or propositions), how shared traditions of skillful practice enable the formation and transmission of virtues, and the role that virtues play in human well-being and the good life.  Related to this, William is concerned with identifying and contesting contemporary practices and styles of thinking that stifle the development of ethical virtues and that impede the sculpting of fulfilling and meaningful human lives and well-ordered human communities.

William's work has appeared in journals such as The European Journal of Philosophy, Social Theory and Practice, Philosophy, The Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Utilitas, and The Hedgehog Review.  He now lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and also speaks fluent Portuguese.


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