Politics and Strategy in the Economy of the Sea

6 ECTS / 18H / English

Objective: to understand the political and macro-strategic context of the main dimensions of the ocean in the 21st century. 

Main Topics: The strategic dimensions of the ocean in the 1st quarter of the 21st century; Ocean governance; Space, territory, and exercise of sovereignty at sea; Blue Geopolitics and European blue policies, strategies and economy .




Invited Assistant Professor
Sónia Ribeiro holds a PhD (2010) and Master (2000) in European Studies in the Institute of European Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University and a degree…
Invited Professor
Nuno Sardinha Monteiro é oficial da Marinha Portuguesa, com o posto de comodoro.  Comandou a lancha rápida de fiscalização Dragão (1992-1994) e o…
Aldino Campos is has a degree in Naval Military Sciences - Navy, from the Naval Academy (1992). He worked on several ships of the squadron until 1995, when he…